Ericsson Estonia Laboratory
The objective is to test the SOGNO Reference Architecture both regarding integrations between different components as well as its compatibility to commercially available electrical equipment.

Ericsson Estonia Elektrilevi Mektory Lab
Local situation
The Ericsson Estonia Laboratory is in Mektory Lab facilities and it’s managed by Elektrilevi. This laboratory is physically located in Tallinn Tech University campus in Tallinn, Estonia.
Trial Site set up and what will be done
This Laboratory site is focused on developing and testing the next generation of technologies and solutions for tomorrows grid needs. The main aim is to develop and prove cost effective and flexible solutions for the integrating of distributed generation of energy into the power network.
Ekeltrilevi partners with technology providers, universities, utilities and other interested parties to undertake the trial. The most importance competences of the laboratory are case analysis, creating the needed environment, simulating the solution in near real network situations, development, Testing, Commercialization among others.
Under these facilities the SOGNO Cloud Architecture will be deployed and tested. Data will be collected from devices and elements selected to run the test. The source of data will be real devices working in a simulated power network. DBMS and SCALA systems will inject the input data in the solution proposed.

Interview with Mariano Hedberto Jofre and Kaja Trees
Mariano Hedberto Jofre graduated with an engineer degree (Dipl. Eng. univ.) in Industrial Engineering at University of Buenos Aires (2011) – Faculty of Engineering, graduated with a master (Dipl. Inf. univ.) in Software Engineering at University of Tartu – Faculty of Computer Science (2013). He has been working more than seven years in software development and software engineering, and held a position in University of Tartu as a data mining research specialist. He is a Scientific Data Analyst in Ericsson utilities analytics team. Mariano Hedberto Jofre has participated in different research and development projects on machine learning by the identification of patterns from input data in Tartu University and Ericsson. Mariano is a member of the Network of Argentine Leaders and Talents - Argentina Foreign Ministry.
Kaja Trees graduated with bachelor degree in Applied Computer Science from Tallinn University (2001). She has been working in software development - first as developer, then as analyst-architect. She has experience designing mission-critical solutions both for government and private sectors. She is currently working as Solution Architect in Ericsson. For the last 7 years, she has been working with analytics, secure cloud, data exchange and operational tools for IoT and Utility sectors. 
Question 1: What is the special focus of the SOGNO demonstration site (especially compared to the other sites)?

The SOGNO Cloud Architecture will be test and deployed in the Ericsson Estonia Laboratory. The key elements to be considered for the implementation and demonstration of the trial are:
  • How SOGNO Cloud Architecture will get the input data and communicate from different sources and electricity commercial devices,
  • Which are the use cases, functionalities and data analyses that will run under the SOGNO Cloud Architecture.
This is the only one trial site that the SOGNO Cloud Architecture will be tested to evaluate the integration between different components and to test the compatibility with the available electricity equipment.

Question 2: What are the long-term benefits for your company you expect from being part in the SOGNO project?
Ericsson Estonia in SOGNO project will help to define the Cloud Architecture that will integrate different components and algorithms to manage self-healing and automated electricity networks. For Ericsson Estonia being part of this project represent the opportunity to achieve knowledge, develop innovative solutions and the possibility to be a referent in the electricity industry of the future.
Mariano Hedberto Jofre and Kaja Trees

Mariano Hedberto Jofre and Kaja Trees