The Project
The project Service Oriented Grid for the Network of the Future (SOGNO) is creating turnkey cloud services implementing next generation data-driven monitoring and control systems. It will simplify the life of DSOs, enabling them to optimise their operations financially so they can provide a cost-effective and seamless, secure power supply for their customers.
SOGNO is maturing data-driven control services. By using the upcoming 5G mobile network standard they will be characterised by low latency and high availability.


Our energy systems are increasingly based on high levels of RES penetration and decentralised energy generation, creating a bigger need for grid monitoring and stabilisation. Distribution System Operators (DSOs) require improved insight into the performance of their networks and the ability to remotely optimise it.

SOGNO addresses these growing needs by offering DSOs real-time insight into the operation of their grids combining hardware, software solutions and research activities on different areas, such as advanced deep learning, 5G communication and cloud virtualisation.


SOGNO is building a new philosophy of electrical grid management. It will unlock a new service-oriented market making Europe’s energy sector the most advanced and open in the world.
  • An Open API will be provided to enable third parties to market their services in our eco-system creating further market growth.
  • Regulations will prioritise data traffic to ensure optimal operation of critical power distribution infrastructure.
  • Ethical business models will support the market introduction of turnkey services.
  • The results will be validated in DSO field trials.