Video Gallery

Videos about SOGNO Demonstrations

The Romanian Trial 2020


Geographical Visualisation of the Irish Trial


Demo 6

CEZ Romania field trial - to remotely optimize the MV and LV networks with SOGNO services, Laurentia Predescu, CEZ Romania

Demo 5

The SOGNO Model, Alexander von Jagwitz, B.A.U.M.

Demo 4

Implementation of SOGNO services on Voyager and IoT Accelerator platforms, Kristin Meriniit & Zain Mehdi, Ericsson

Demo 3

Grid Monitoring and State Estimation with the Gridhound-Platform in the SOGNO project, Artur Löwen, Gridhound

Demo 2

Integration and Analysis of the State Estimation Service using the RWTH Cloud Platform, Jan Dinkelbach, RWTH

Demo 1

Irish Trial Site Visualisation with SERVO Platform Tesbed-360 Tool, Darren Leniston, ESB