Online stakeholder consultation event

30.04.2020 | CRE invited to an online consultation with stakeholders on the preliminary results on T&D grid operation on Thursday, 30 April 2020
The Romanian Energy Center (CRE) invited to a stakeholders consultation synergies event of the European H2020 projects SOGNO, wiseGRID, PHOENIX, CROSSBOW and DEFENDER on Thursday, 30 April 2020. Due to the restrictions in place because of coronavirus, the event was entirely held online. 
Around 150 people joined the voice conference to hear about the results of the aforementioned projects. The focus of the discussion was the integrated approach in the management and the operation of the electricity transmission and distribution networks. The event included demonstrations of the tools and solutions developed within the EU Projects.
SOGNO was presented by the project coordinator, Fiona Williams from Ericsson, as well as the technical coordinator, Antonello Monti, followed by a contribution of Marco Pau from RWTH. The interest in SOGNO was very high, which was clearly reflected in the more than twenty questions that were answered by Prof. Monti in the chat.
Detailed informations on the programm can be found here.


Mihai Paun from the Romania Energy Centre (CRE)
Fiona Williams from Ericsson giving an overview on the SOGNO project
Antonello Monti from RWTH Aachen presenting SOGNO results
Marco Pau from RWTH presenting the SOGNO services