SOGNO at E-world

08.02.2019 | SOGNO services were presented to the visitors
SOGNO was among the 780 exhibitors at E-world 2019, presenting the project to a broad audience from the energy industry. Members of the consortium discussed the system's features and advantages with the visitors at the stand to get their feedback, especially from Distribution System Operators. DSOs showed high interest in the SOGNO services and were interested in learning about concrete use cases, e.g. a high energy demand in the energy grid due to many people charging their electric cars at the same time.
The recently developed SOGNO model was used at the booth to show the system at a glance. It was a very successful premiere drawing attention to the stand and helping to explain the project in a very visual way.
SOGNO shared the booth with another H2020 project: GOFLEX developed a platform to trade flexibilities facilitating a higher penetration of distributed renewable energies on a regional level.
At E-world, 780 exhibitors from 26 nations presented their innovative products and services to over 25,000 trade visitors making it one of Europe's leading fair in the energy industry.


Explaining the SOGNO model
The SOGNO model
Consortium members of SOGNO and GOFLEX explaining the projects
Detail of the SOGNO model
Discussing the SOGNO system
Steffen Bretzke explaining SOGNO to a visitor