SOGNO at European Utility Week 2018

12.11.2018 | Booth and presentation drew attention to the solutions SOGNO offers for smart grid monitoring and control
With more than 12,000 visitors and 600 exhibitors, European Utility Week (EUW) is one of the biggest events in the smart energy sector in Europe. In the form of a conference-led exhibition, it runs for 3 days in a different European city every year, serving as business, innovation and information platform.
Members of the consortium explained the SOGNO vision and solutions at the project booth to smart energy stakeholders attending the event. The booth was an integrated part of the H2020 projects zone. The technical coordinator of the project, Prof. Antonello Monti from RWTH Aachen University, gave a presentation on SOGNO to a broader audience.
The visitors showed high interest in the services SOGNO offers for an automated grid control like state estimation, power quality evaluation, load- and generation forecast, power control as well as fault location, isolation & service restoration (FLISR). Especially the SOGNO high-end algorithm for providing the service FLISR, using artificial intelligence driven by a machine learning logic, caught the visitor’s attention.


Christoph Gieseke from B.A.U.M. Consult explaining SOGNO to a visitor of European Utility Week
Christoph Gieseke from B.A.U.M. Consult explaining SOGNO to visitors of European Utility Week
Prof. Antonello Monti from RWTH Aachen Universit presenting the SOGNO project at the H2020 theater
The SOGNO consortium distributed a policy brief during Prof. Monti's presentation