SOGNO Advisory Board Meetings

 2nd SOGNO Advisory Board Meeting

The second advisory board meeting was held as a video conference.
 Main points presented in the review:

       Refresh the mind about the project work and then have 3 sessions on the 3 topics below

        The Open Source platform and strategy for exploiting it with EDSOand follow on projects PLATONE, EdgeFLEX and Eddie

       Policy recommendations and new business models

       The 5G roll out and how to accelerate/promote it and its role in relation to energy services

Meeting Agenda

10.30              Opening and introductions – Fiona Williams, EDD

10.45              SOGNO overview and results – Prof. Monti, RWTH

11.20              SOGNO Field trials and live demonstrations – Marco Pau. RWTH

12.00             Coffee Break

12.15             SOGNO Regulatory proposals and impact, Mihai Mladin, CRE

12.30             SOGNO Impact – Anna Maass, B.A.U.M.

13.00             SOGNO Exploitation – Marco Pau, RWTH

13.20             Feedback from Advisory Board and discussion

14.00             Close of meeting

1st SOGNO Advisory Board Meeting

Objective of the first advisory board meeting was to present and discuss the project work, enabling the SOGNO advisory board to:

  • provide us with feedback on the focus and progress of our work to date and to
  • propose potential changes which would enhance the project results and impact in the second half of the project

The members of the advisory board taking place in the meeting were

  • Prof. Christine Schwägerl, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences
  • Dr. Ralf Levacher, Stadtwerke Saarluis GmbH
  • Mr Florian Gonzalez, E.DSO - European Distribution Systems Operator

 Meeting Agenda

 10.00 – 11.00  Overview session

     Opening of the meeting – Prof. Monti, RWTH

     Introduction of participants - all

     Overview of the project – Prof. Monti, RWTH

     Operations status overview – Fiona Williams, Ericsson

     Scenarios defined in the project - Prof. Peretto, Uni. of Bologna     

11.00 – 11.20  Coffee break

 11.20 13.00 SOGNO services and trials

    SOGNO Services and use cases – Marco Pau, RWTH

    SOGNO Platform architecture and implementation – Mariano Jofre, Ericsson

    SOGNO Field trials – Paul Hayes, ESB

    SOGNO 5G perspective - Steffen Bretzke, Ericsson

13.00 – 14.00 Lunch

 14.00 – 14.40 SOGNO creating impact

    SOGNO business models and standards – Mihai Mladin, CRE

    Creating Impact with SOGNO – Anna Maass, B.A.U.M.

 14.40 – 15.15 Feedback from Advisory Board and discussion

 15.15                Close of meeting

 Members of the Advisory Board

 Mr. Florian Gonzalez

Florian Gonzalez has been responsible for projects within E.DSO’s Secretariat since September 2016. He has held the position of Communications and Projects Officer from 2016 to 2018 before being appointed Senior Projects Officer in 2018. He holds two Master’s Degrees in European studies, from the University of Strasbourg and Bruges’ College of Europe. Since 2012, he has been working in the energy sector through professional experience in various organisations: France’s Ministry of Defence on EU security of energy supply, in consultancy firm CEIS, at the European Commission’s DG Energy and for France’s largest DSO Enedis within their Brussels Office.

 Dr. Ralf  Levacher
Profile of Dr. Ralf Levacher
Date of birth:    10/09/1960
Matrital status: married
Child:                  1 daughter
Training data
1989 at the end oft he study material science University of the
          Saarland, Saarbrücken
          Diploma in Engineering
1996 doctorate
Professional Experience
1989 – 1997 Saarstahl/ Saarschmiede
1997 – today Technical CEO of Stadtwerke Saarlouis GmbH   
 Prof Christiane Schwaegerl


Dr.-Ing. Christine Schwaegerl received her Diploma in Electrical Engineering at University of Erlangen, Germany, in 1996, and her PhD from Dresden Technical University, Germany, in 2000. In 2000 she joined Siemens AG as a consultant with Siemens Power Technologies International, being responsible for the several national and European research and development activities on power transmission and distribution networks. Currently she works as full time professor at Augsburg University of applied science. Christine acts as chair of CIGRE SC C6 ‘dispersed generation and distribution systems’.’

Dr. Milos Subasic


Dr. Milos Subasic received his PhD degree from Polytechnic University of Milan in Electrical Engineering with the special focus on Smart Grid solutions. Throughout his career, he has undertaken various roles in Transmission & Distribution domains - in Schneider Electric DMS on developing DMS solutions; with Siemens on strategizing and developing new approaches for Distribution Grid control; Cesi consulting on WAMS development; and finally Terna, Italian national TSO where he was working on national/pan-European adequacy, capacity market and EU Clean Energy Package. Milos is currently working in ABB Corporate Research Center on control in distribution grid and distributed intelligence topics.