The SOGNO project will live on!

We are happy to announce that the Linux Foundation has now launched its web page for the new Linux Foundation SOGNO project, transforming the SOGNO project from a European into a global initiative!

Linux Foundation Energy selected the SOGNO architecture as reference architecture for Grid Automation of the future. RWTH provided instances of open source software that will be used to support the development of a full solution. Visit the page to learn more about SOGNO in LFE:

As any Linux project, SOGNO is an open initiative and we encourage companies, research centres and universities to join the foundation and to contribute to develop the solution together.

It is pleasure to announce that the use cases for three SOGNO services, of five in total, were included in the 3GPP standard. The services were implemented and tested in several DSO power grid networks with use of public 4G communications and with the use of a live 5G network working indoor in laboratory.
3GPP technical report 22.867 0.3.0 that describes the SOGNO services is available on the following link:

3GPP is a global initiative developing specifications for wireless communications. It brings together seven of the world’s leading wireless standards organizations.

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Decentralised Distribution Network Management System

Power Network Management Services


Load and Generation Forecasting

Power Control

State Estimation

Power Quality Evaluation


SOGNO is providing turnkey services for distribution system operators implementing next generation data-driven monitoring and control systems, based on 5G based ICT. It combines hardware, software solutions and research activities on different areas, such as advanced deep learning, 5G communication, and cloud virtualization, to build a new philosophy of electrical grid management.


SOGNO brings together a balanced network of industrial partners, renowned universities and five SME‘s. The 13 partners are regionally distributed over seven European countries.

The SOGNO Trial locations and technologies will demonstrate results applicable to today’s Smart Grid Networks and to Next Generation Smart Grid Networks (2020+):
The field trial, operated by a DSO, ESB, in Ireland will use the SERVO platform, an ICT system allowing energy actors the greatest possible freedom to control generation and load without compromising existing network performance and integrity.
The Romanian field trial will evaluate the functionality developed for state estimation and load forecasting in the Romanian low voltage network.
The laboratory trial in the power laboratory of Tallinn University of Technology, equipped by ElektrilLevi, will demonstrate futuristic services which would require regulatory change for commercial use.
Germany II
The field trial in RWTH, Aachen will highlight the capabilities of the Smart Campus energy network demonstrating the advanced SOGNO monitoring and optimisation tools operating in a secure Cloud.
The laboratory test in RWTH Aachen, based on real-time simulation and Hardware in the Loop, will offer unique opportunity to DSOs to perform a full integration test using a reference implementation of the complete SOGNO ecosystem.